Yang Wenjian Hunan satellite TV host Wang Han teach you how to do Taobao

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this evening, watching TV while eating, found that Hunan TV opened a new program called the more Amoy more happy, give me the first impression is not to cooperate with Taobao Hunan. Feeling quite meaningful on the look, the original is ma let Wang Han to Taobao do Taobao guest to. As a network of people’s intuition, I think this should have a lot of business opportunities.


business opportunities: SEO do Taobao guest

hey Amoy, Amoy more fun (hitao.com), which is Hunan satellite TV cooperation with Taobao website. Because he used to do SEO, the first directly in the Taobao search a hi Amoy, found no one to do this station, SEO competitiveness is weak. Take a look at the Baidu index Amoy Amoy index up to 6416, the index of hitao was more than the more fun, the index is more than happy, Taobao’s index of’s happiness of 115540. And these words of competitive strength is weak, optimize these words do Taobao guest is a very good choice. SEOer, are you ready? First impressions are strongest first month before the water tower, oh.


business two: domain name investment

is now registered to good Larry, digital and short domain is not possible, but in a new event to register to the domain name, domain name, such as Xi Li Ge related pornographic related domain name. Of course, Hunan TV’s "the more Amoy more happy" will bring many new good domain name, I see the hey Amoy net, more Amoy more more happy and other related com net org domain names have been registered, but the CN has not been registered, it appears that the domain name investors are not optimistic about the CN. In the online search a bit more "Amoy more happy" is the first period held on Sunday, some domain name investors saw the show, for the first time the domain name registration.

remember my friend said, what is a person’s professional is what you see what the industry thought of their own industry, this industry is your specialty. A network of people, not just staring at the network, staring at the major webmaster nets, forums. I said, if you see a message is from the forum, indicating that this information has no value, you can as a news to see on the line, but the really useful information is coming from your friends in the mouth. Now I add that if the news is that you see from other industries, perhaps this is the opportunity you dig out.

heard aiqing.com webmaster Jonathan has a habit, every day to see the news, when he learned from the news of a company in Beijing to produce a mask can prevent a flow of HINI, immediately from the company ordered 100 thousand. Each price is 18 yuan, the market is a unified retail price of $58. He gave the lowest wholesale price of 28 yuan, or even higher than 38 yuan. After the use of Google and Taobao promotion, half >

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