Song Hongwei from Coca-Cola to fast taxi almost a lifetime to sell water

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oral: Song Hongwei, vice president of fast taxi operations

over the past year, most of the time I was on a business trip, air travel in the statistics of the number of times is 145, nearly 200 thousand km journey. This year, the fast taxi from Hangzhou gradually penetrated into almost all domestic taxi city (many are small town).

I joined the fast taxi in April 2013, No. forty-third employees. Before joining the fast taxi, I have been in the FMCG industry, which has nearly ten years of work in Coca-Cola, earlier, I also worked in a military factory. When suddenly 40 years, like the doings of ghosts and gods to enter the industry, before I did not expect.


no sooner, we are basically relying on luck taxi driver on the way, hope to meet a guest, and passengers will not know will not be coming empty rejection, or even on the bus, the driver may need to endure all complaints.

for passengers, fast taxi can give them more choices and convenience. Quick trip by planning ahead, rather than the heavy rain or scorching sun when waiting at the roadside. Facts also prove the value of our existence, every time when the weather is bad, orders will rise.

for taxi drivers, the fastest value is to help them to reduce the air to increase revenue. After many drivers with a fast, monthly income can be increased more than 2 thousand. In addition to economic returns, but also can help the driver to quickly customize the operating route. There is a driver to chat with me, saying that no matter how late he drove to the far away from home, as long as the fast, up to three orders will be able to relay home.

although our business is still concentrated in the country, but sometimes still needs across different cultural backgrounds, such as Lhasa, many drivers are local Tibetans, do not speak Mandarin, not to mention that he used mobile phone orders, but now the whole Lhasa more than 1 thousand drivers with fast, this process is full of the challenge, but also a lot of fun.

last year, 7, August, when the entire taxi software industry has just started, when we began to expand business in the country, from Hangzhou, Shanghai began to expand rapidly to neighboring provinces. During this period there are two months, the company has taken the initiative to suspend the salaried managers, the money out of the province to use the most needed. Of course, apart from management, other colleagues’ salaries and benefits are as usual. We all know that when the war is not the most rushed in the front line of colleagues.

fast internal work rhythm is very fast, usually decided to enter a city, we will choose three or four people to form a "squad" sent to the local, stationed for one or two weeks to assault promotion. Through this small step to run the way, by the end of last year, we won the National more than and 40 cities, together took less than 4 months. Through the initial development period, many city after almost all the passengers and the driver started spontaneously.


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