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when the reporter interview VC industry leading figures in the Michael Moritz, was young and foolish, for it has cast is only Yahoo, Paypal, Google, Zappos, Kayak and other company’s reputation. After the review, his views on entrepreneurship really brilliant, can be described as a profound impact on my understanding of entrepreneurship, excerpt.

the first paragraph, the interview was at the end of 2006:

Zhang Liang: you once said in an interview: "there is no next Google, like no next CISCO, the next YAHOO, the next apple, the next Intel, the next Microsoft. Companies are different, great companies have their own unique way of doing business, has its own mark and logo." So how do you find the value of the company with different marks?

Moritz: to tell you the truth, I don’t know why companies with different technologies have different advantages. However, each company will have the previous company’s cells, and we have chosen, those who are in a rapidly growing market, with a unique judgment entrepreneurs. For example, Apple Computer Jobs, in his "personal computer market will have much on this issue, with great insight. But I don’t think it was the first day he started a company, but he was able to quickly realize the potential of the market. CISCO founder Sandy · Lerner, he very accurately determine the network market will be much. And Google’s Larry and Sergei, they must have realized how much opportunity to organize information than I did. But I also have to say that the 3 groups of the founders of the company is too unusual, perhaps in the past 30 years, you can only count the number of founders of the group of 10 can be as accurate as they know some unique opportunities. In the United States, people often use the word "Visionary", but as far as we know, visionaries are very, very few. Sequoia is lucky enough to meet a few people who deserve the word.

Zhang Liang: but the story of Google doesn’t seem to be a story of how you found two talents and succeeded. Its two founders are very clever, but also very personal, the dispute and contradiction between you, so you and KPCB’s John ·, like the eyes of the storm into the eyes of Toure. You can also invest in this character guaizhang startups


Moritz: I think, a sign that the company is out of the ordinary, the founder and early team want to is not the same as with all other companies, they do not want ordinary, just personal independence of conduct. One of the characteristics of highly successful companies is to question all things, they don’t want to be the rules restrict, do anything to follow their own way, even if their own way may too traditional or uncomfortable. Over the years, I have learned not only to accept this quality,

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