Beginner Guide good use of skills to defeat the opponent

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believe that many predecessors will teach you, do not believe that the so-called skills, adhere to, efforts will always win. This sentence is not wrong, if indeed insist enough, Tiechu can also whet needle. But if we can make good use of skills, he will help direct the needle into a needle or faster.

here to tell you a story:

the United States has a company that produces toothpaste. In the first ten years of the product market, the company’s annual growth rate of 10% ~ 20%. However, this good performance into eleventh years will stagnate. It was suggested at the meeting: to expand the existing toothpaste openings 1 mm. The proposal increased the company’s turnover in Fourteenth years by about 32%.

as a qualified webmaster, in addition to adhere to, efforts, but also have enough flexibility, the use of skills to solve problems. For some of the difficulties of their own website, perhaps through some simple tips can be easily solved. I am not against you to stick with it, but if because of insistence, that skills are just opportunistic, while ignoring the skills even refused to use the skills, then will not stop Wangzhuan road before doing nothing.

remember and peer competition a keyword, although very hard to continue to increase even, continuous optimization, but can’t win the first position. This keyword is a business to let me do, as long as this month to get the first place, 5 thousand yuan on the hand. Otherwise, a month’s efforts will be wasted. But now the site seems to be optimized to a certain extent, and even if the extra hard to add, it is easy to be sentenced to search engine cheating.

helpless, I asked a senior. After reading the site, told me that as long as you are now the home page keyword density increased by 1%, should be able to. In other words, in the home page to add this keyword appears again. And afterwards also proved that this is only a change, just two days time, the key word to the first position.

you may persist for several months, a few months of hard work are very difficult to win the address, as long as a change in strategy, choose to use a little skill, can be several times or even dozens of times beyond your competitors, won the head quebec.

of course, the technique is just an accessory.

my personal feeling, skill and persistence, is the relationship of the ride, not the relationship. If there is only skill, not insist, then is 0× n=0, no matter how hard will not succeed.

if only adhere to, and no skills, the same is n× 0=0, will not succeed.

only when the skills and persistence have a high growth, then your score is doubled.

for the strength of their competitors, then we must be good at using skills. >

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