West master, Fu Niu Tang, Meng Meng face founder told you money can not be self willed

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lead: because the sale of beef powder, a master of laws in North into the restaurant and the villagers, barberry hall. Because they like to sell Meng, a group of 90 began to brush his face, so there is a face meng. Because not eat home authentic taste, a IT male resignation roasted the hamburger, and the West master.

continue to emerge after 90 entrepreneurs, business models and ideas are being used to subvert the traditional service industry to connect users. Youth is so headstrong, but also in their willfulness are adhered to the promotion of Baidu’s marketing value.

volt Niu Tang Zhang Tianyi: precise diversion, the Changde beef noodles sold to the people of Hunan,



when it is said that the hall is an Internet thinking of the operation of the rice noodle shop, he always stubborn answer, I am a traditional beef powder. No matter how disgusted he was posted on the Internet thinking label, Zhang Tianyi finally started his own run on the internet.

Zhang Tianyi think the biggest highlight of the Internet, the first is to change the way people connect, second is the use of data to restore the label behind the people. For example, barberry church and Baidu to promote cooperation, can know what kind of people eat barberry church, behind the data is a vivid image of the user: 73% are female, 24% male customers there are 12% women together with the people of Hunan, which accounted for 47%.

many people asked Zhang Tianyi, only the people of Hunan to eat Rice noodles, how big the market? We can assume that, if the barberry church opened Baidu direct number, the people of Hunan and people who come directly in the mobile phone @ Baidu barberry church, to cover the 30% Beijing Hunan people, Beijing people in Hunan some day in the future say barberry church Rice noodles delicious, will spread to the country, the people say barberry church Rice noodles authentic, it means that two hundred million people love Hunan Rice noodles to eat the barberry church.

The most important role of the

mobile Internet to Niu Niu Tang, is precisely connected to the target user, as well as consumer data collection, classification management and application. For traditional businesses, these requirements Baidu direct number of mobile entrance diversion and big data portraits can easily meet.

face Meng Guo column: seize the Internet trend, and young people to sell Meng


After the original

wasteful moonlight clan, entrepreneurship, Guo column suddenly felt that not enough money, basically every day not out of the house, out of the house for two dollars for the bus fare, was thin, from 120 pounds to 100 pounds thinner.

as a senior "Indoorsman", Guo column is easier to understand young people’s preferences. According to the promotion of Baidu big data report, Guo column drew a picture for face adorable users: Sub Culture under the condition of no integrity, respect, stay adorable, cheap, self black Tucao, subtly malicious LOW in the form of culture; the way they interact.

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