Various types of websites to make money model analysis of how to earn a few thousand dollars a movie

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, as the title suggests, the goal of friends who struggle in the field is to make money…. Friends please bypass.

I write this soft, the purpose is to promote their own station, the two is to rely on the exchange of ways and means to make money. Get to the point, first of all, I am not the master SEO, just a SEO enthusiast, I share something very simple.

on the site to make money, the first thing to do is to determine their own goals, that is to say, you do stand, site type, site profitable model, determined, and then began to work in the next step, there are a lot of friends is easy to make a mistake, did not determine their own goals, start do stand, do not back, not to earn money, began to change ah Oh, results, a few months, one year, income is very sad. I think this kind of webmaster should not a few.. Well begun is half done.

identify the target, the next step is to do a website, for example, you do a movie station such as: this kind of site. This station is very obvious, the purpose is to grab traffic, this station model to make money is very simple, such as advertising alliance, pop, friends, generally speaking, if a movie station, traffic to about five thousand, then you simply rely on these ads hundreds of yuan is also very easy. Of course, here we have to do a very good optimization of advertising. How to arrange advertising, but also the need for technology, the same IP station, people earn one hundred and ten days, but you can only earn twenty-one days, that is your own problem. Http:// we can look at the layout of the page ads, put five ad positions, of course, because I am a new station, so there is no site advertising optimization. We look at the location of the site advertising placement. In short, a principle – try to find ways to make your Internet users do not care about the wrong point to your ad. Oh, he is wrong, it does not matter, he is not wrong, how do we make money ah, not ~!

here we will understand the basic mode of making money movie station, of course, all the principles of the site are the same, money is to build on the flow of ~!

a five thousand IP movie station, a day of one hundred yuan, a month is very good to earn $three thousand, which is much stronger than the work, ha ha ~!

of course, there is selling IP traffic, of course, don’t sell those horse garbage. Don’t let a little money, you wasted.


in short, do the movie station, is to do rankings, selling traffic,. Of course, if you are a SEO ace, a month you can make your site ranking how much, you can sell the station, also be another way to make money, of course, this mode, rookie please see the next section ~!


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