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this time, grass root counter attack has become a boom, a lot of people are looking forward to this story. Or love or career. However, grass root started more often than those rich handsome or rich two generations, the two generation to thousands of times. So the grass root counter attack can often cheerful, reflects a current public anger. Here to share the way I walk down the road of entrepreneurship.


is real in the grass root, have no room to room, only to the kind of car bike. June 2011 graduated from the school, I want to study computer science, programming without programming, not only to art art, one of the three, DOTA, nabuchushou. Would have continued studying, but don’t want to be friends when they start to make money, they also ask the parents to take the money, then with a resume running in the talent market.

a chance, with a friend to contact with the SEO, then opened the road to our SEO. Just enter the company, the company responsible for the site SEO optimization personnel, is just two of a layman, but can only find their own way. So all kinds of bubble forum, visit webmaster network. We have done the most is the daily Baidu library, Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia, SOSO ask this type of chain. That contribute to the whole group of expert, so we yearn for. Webmaster friends all know, the novice world, all over the sky are cattle people. PS: too many memories of feeling, not to say, anyway, is their own step by step to grow up. Directly below the beginning:


one, two years of work, dull

Do you know the

for a long time to work, do SEO, do for a long time, as dull as ditch water. We have sprouted the idea of entrepreneurship, do not say much, just small micro business, even if the failure to do the money to buy a live experience, like a day is a day of life, like a dead-alive person.

two, project selection


due to earn extra money to understand some information, so we finalize the operation mode of "website + Taobao + Taobao guest" mode.

three, various preparation

rental, broadband, program, space, domain name. The thing is to ready, a young man, it is the efficiency.

four bored, farming

used to work 8 hours a day, weekends, all tired. Your own business, every 10 hours is a month without Hugh homely food, but also more normal. But still very happy, because before working for others, now working for yourself, the two is really a kind of lost the least bit chazhiqianli feeling.

five, the road continues

although we earn money can only maintain our livelihood, but everything is difficult to start. I believe we will be better and better.


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