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Part 1: summary

Project Description:

      launched at the beginning of the establishment of the registered capital of 2 million Zhejiang Precision Technology Development Co. Ltd., established covering more than and 300 administrative regions, enterprise database China about 20000000 enterprises and institutions of basic information, set the area site by telephone area code, the basic data released all the enterprises included in the more than and 300 regions of the country on the website, recruitment the more than and 300 regional operators operating area and local site verification to provide real-time updates of the database, registered on the website of the commercial free search site, so as to realize the business people gather quasi customers; on the basis of the linkage, at a very low price contact regions marketing merchants demand for releasing the information in enterprises on the site, the establishment of investment information database Chinese most of the business people to further attract potential clients login Site, more than two library is completely open to the whole community to provide free and convenient; joint professional service agencies for providing personalized consulting services business: online training, business information customization, improve the degree of dependence on the business elite to create the most authoritative website, China business elite database, this library to a senior member of the website free of charge, combined with professional to provide management consulting, business investigation, project investment, business intermediary, credit evaluation and so on quality service to complete the three base construction;

planning objectives:

      with the data from the third census of the national basic unit as the basis, the establishment of the national enterprise basic information database provides free online search as the starting point, to attract employees online registration of enterprises, enterprises cluster target customers;

      unified format construction covering the more than and 300 administrative regions of the area website, sharing terminal database, using the franchise chain operation mode in more than and 300 regions rapidly in the national recruitment website operators, operators given regional areas of the site and the right to operate the future joint professional institutions provided to senior agency the value-added service area of target customers, while giving regional operators according to the website database maintenance work schedule, check the basic information of enterprise work obligations;

      terminus with the planned area web site to promote the realization of regional linkage, the popularity of the website, click rate to rise to the top ten in the target area, to achieve terminal popularity, click rate into the domestic top fifty goals;

      through modern management guidance, training and assessment area operators work, the formation of the whole country, on linkage to create the basic information database of the first Chinese enterprises;

      through strict control of the assessment system, access to the concept of flexible management of regional operations

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