On development prospects of stations to choose good group software

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many people feel that Baidu has been very smart, you can identify a station is a dumpster, do stand group has no future. In fact, Baidu has not been able to identify the degree of intelligence group.

We think that

do stand is garbage station, in fact garbage station and regular warfare and no clear boundaries, even Tencent, Sina and other major is to collect other people’s content, also do link optimization. Station group is not necessarily a garbage station, as long as we do, and improve the quality of the content of the site, is a regular station.


canoe difficult forest, similarly, a website on the Internet is also very helpless, difficult to survive, to make the world a single site of the era of the past, novice webmaster is very difficult to separate running a website to develop, in the early stage can first by trying small stations to earn first pot of gold, and other stations have after the flow, can gradually will turn to the regular website.

we all know, a site to do IP on tens of thousands of traffic is difficult, need to invest a lot of energy and money, even can do daily discharge of tens of thousands of IP, only individual website can do, so there are websites to get traffic by people, to make up for the deficiency of single site traffic to the site the number of.

assumes that the 1 site traffic 1000IP (which is the most conservative estimate, is also the easiest to achieve, a station 1000IP day is very easy to do)


10 sites a day is 10*1000=10000 IP

100 sites a day is 100*1000=100000 IP

1000 sites a day is 1000*1000=1000000 IP

with the IP, the profit becomes very simple, single site profit model can also be used in the station group, and more effective than a single site.

is more popular than the following profit model:

advertising alliance: to discuss the advertising alliance has been a hot topic, through the advertising alliance to flow directly into profit, is the easiest and most convenient way. For example, Baidu, Google and many other domestic alliances, as long as the advertising alliance to get a piece of advertising code, put on their own website, there is a flow of profits. We must choose the alliance must have a reputation of the alliance, the credibility of the small alliance is not guaranteed, often deducted, will seriously affect our income.

products: Taobao guest Wangzhuan form currently very popular, because according to clinch a deal, Taobao stores by love, high commission, by the majority of owners in hot pursuit. As long as a few related long tail word, you can greatly improve the conversion rate, the Commission is very rich. At first we all know that the left brother, want to have in a short time

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