GG advertising hot adjustment in small and medium Adsense was fooled

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    GG since the company launched GG advertising focus adjustment activities, received by the webmaster, because it is related to the vital interests of every webmaster, I as a member of the GG advertising alliance, of course, is no exception, here I have to talk about their own ideas:

      to tell the truth, before writing this article, I compare the default for this thing, after all, advertisers to vote advertising is of course to get benefits, the original way will obviously bring a lot of false hits, so advertisers money have a part to white, it will certainly enthusiasm influence of advertisers advertising, all from the current situation because of the decline in the click rate and reducing the income, but in the long run, the owners will because the price increase, while the total is not affected by what the.

  but I think things are not so optimistic, because this policy is only for GG, our middle and small owners, and for those big website, webmaster still enjoying the original policy, we do not believe to Huajun software and station to their little GG look at the ads, or directly by clicking on the background to get in. Obviously, we kind of webmaster have been deceived, are also thinking of the increase in the price of the unit with the increase in the number of clicks, apparently a large part of the money into the wrong site to click into the big web site, the big master’s pocket.

  is really hateful, GG strongly to an idea, why do we and small owners suffer so unfairly?!

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