Yang Wenjian products and services are two timeless website profit model

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book that horses forage first, illustrates the importance of logistics, we make the profit pattern is the lasting development of the "food". Without a clear and simple profit model of Web sites is not likely to be developed, and the profit pattern should be considered clear things before starting on the website, the profit model is established at the beginning of the site you may realize the vision, but not in two years three years ago began to consider the site whether profitable thing.

website profit model is always divided into two kinds: Sales of products and services, and the sale of advertising within the scope of the service. Profit model is as simple as possible, simple to the intersection to sell fruit, 2 yuan purchase, sales of 4. The same is true on the Internet, the most simple profit model is to buy cheap sell high, win the difference. This is the most simple e-commerce profit model, the sale of products and the need to deal with this is the source of supply, customer service, payment, distribution and after-sales issues.

provides services through the web site, most of the owners take the way to work with the advertising alliance, such as the famous advertising alliance has Google Adsense, Baidu alliance and Ali mother. The contribution of the site’s traffic to the advertising alliance by clicking pay, sales commission and guide the registration of three main ways to split. And the benefits of advertising alliance cooperation is only need to find ways to attract a large number of cheap traffic, or to attract a high degree of accuracy of the commercial value of the traffic, and then the layout of the page that is good advertising revenue.

provides services can also be their own expertise in a certain area, providing professional services. Like A5 to provide webmaster information and transaction services, providing industry training services like some sites, like the station to provide lasting diagnostic services personalized, to solve the difficulties and puzzles lasting site members they currently encountered.

long standing profit model is divided into three stages: the first stage to collect membership fees as the basic profit model. The second stage is when the number of members to reach a certain number, in order to organize the long standing members of the project cooperation, extract some of the profits for the additional profit model. The third stage is to set up the wisdom of long standing team to carry out the operation of large projects for a long time.

design of a good profit model if you can only stay in the drawing on the model is a failure mode, so to explore the profitability of the model is also the attendant problems. Membership threshold fee as a basic profit model, the need to take the first step, at the beginning of the lower level, starting from scratch, so the threshold fee will not be too high. Is set to 100 to begin to rise again as the constant 100 of the base, but also to prevent the threshold charges faster than I can offer, a member of close to 100 yuan, 200 yuan to close 2 members, received 300 yuan of 3 members of the slow rate of rise. Rising membership fees also forecast the development direction of a permanent station for high-end crowd.

maybe you will ask to increase to 10 thousand at this rate

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