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this is the author from the recently received business plan, a few hot items selected weekly review, to review the team and business model based. In principle, the project will not involve sensitive issues, such as operational data.

if your project needs to be the investor’s opinion and strategic recommendations, or project for reporting exposure, please send the project plan to [email protected] Mail note 12 floor · project review

release 3 projects this year:

maintenance industry O2O project

repair, how many people the pain of the heart, can be cured by O2O? This project launched a repair platform, in order to help people find suitable repair service providers, to help service providers to undertake more orders.


maintenance industry as a development with a low degree of industry, there are many problems such as chaos, hard to find outlets. This project is in line with the trend, to provide a trading platform for both sides to carry out safe and convenient maintenance transactions, and with the evaluation of the two sides and other means to encourage service providers to provide better service. In the implementation of the project, the need to fully consider the interests of both sides.

repair for people on the Internet to clearly describe the problem with a certain degree of difficulty. Telephone communication may be a better choice, network communication may increase the cost of communication. The professional maintenance problems of its own, for the high cost of repair for opportunity. If a single distance or no delay orders, will affect the power of repair repair. For maintenance side, in order to improve the efficiency of orders, apparently more willing to take the next list. At the same time, the maintenance business commitment to waive maintenance fee on the platform, it may reduce the enthusiasm of maintenance repair complex appliances.

I think the mobile Internet is usually a better way to solve the problem of finding people. The repair can be more timely find nearby service providers, and service providers can more easily find the nearest service demand, especially in home maintenance. In addition, the photo upload may be a better way to describe the problem.

Internet is often good at the integration of trivial things, but for the big pile of easy trading line. So we will choose to buy a pair of Taobao, and buy a car will choose the intermediary and 4S shop. Docking platform Internet often is a dirty and hard work, not easy to find a good profit model, this is the biggest problem similar to many platforms. The common idea is to grab traffic, traffic is realized after a large possible, but most of the platform is to catch a large flow, or to grasp the cost of traffic is unacceptable. So if you do not flow to win, I suggest that the platform take a step further, do some weight to make up for the service. For example, I can come to take the repair parts, repair and then door-to-door. To establish the reputation of the service, but also more likely to have a business model.

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