When you start a business, bite your teeth

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Maupassant once said, "life can’t be as good as you think, but it’s not as bad as you think.". I think people are weak and strong beyond their imagination. Sometimes, we may be vulnerable to a word on the tears; sometimes, also found himself biting his teeth to go a long way.". Life is like this. Sometimes you don’t know how strong you are. Today I want to share with you the entrepreneurial experience of black people.

black is supposed to be a friend of mine. First he was black so I called him black. Secondly, I am not very familiar with him, so here should be regarded as a friend. He’s about the same age as me. In the eyes of most people is idiotic 90. In fact, this idea should really change. After graduation, he entered a network company to do sales. It’s not bad. Eloquence is also good. Later, he felt that he earned too little work in the company. Immediately resign their own business.

he chose to teach Taobao to set up shop this road. Taobao teach this road is not so easy. If you want to teach someone else Taobao shop, you must have the following conditions.

first point: teach others Taobao shop you will certainly be. Do not say how to master at least the basic question of the students you can answer. Black is the origin of e-commerce, in the school has been exposed to Taobao, coupled with his late learning, so the first point he barely reached.

second points: recruit students. Taobao will not do it yourself, you can not train their own. It is not an easy thing to recruit students like the company to find customers. And how do black people find customers?. He still has his own set of posts. He made the post because of the more attractive so now in Baidu Search about Hefei Taobao training related keywords, he made the posts are in the home page. To say here is to achieve this effect is the need for a process. You will not be able to achieve this effect in the short term. Later, we also follow his example of this approach, but we have almost no information sent, not to mention the ranking.

third points: teaching point problem. If someone asks you for advice, you must provide a place to train others. How black people do it. He did not rent his own office, and he was in another training office. It’s really hard to get to class. Training is sometimes necessary to take into account the regional relationship. Hefei said that small is not small, if you teach a point in Hefei, then you may lose a lot of students. He is in Hefei, there are two teaching points, one at the railway station, one in the Pearl plaza. Students can choose the nearest point of teaching. About class time he is so arranged: 135 in the Pearl Square, the railway station in the 246. Because the Pearl Plaza from the train station is a far distance, so every time to 246 when he had to get up early, and then sit in Hefei one of the 226 most crowded bus, sitting in the end station: the train station, then walk 15 minutes to reach the teaching point.