Taobao did not miss the opportunity, but ushered in the development of opportunities

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Taobao K off a large area off site and banned the goods off Taobao search, all the signs are that Taobao guest website business has become more and more difficult, friends also began to believe it is downhearted, large portal pressure impervious to gas, now lose the chance to compete the. But is it all to say that Taobao is dead?.

had seen a writer feel a deep feeling, in the article now Taobao passenger industry competition is intense and impetuous, generally small website is difficult to rely on SEO to do the good position, of course Baidu and Taobao double attack, also let the author’s daily income reduced by half, but the friends is very happy in view of this, in his words "". It is Baidu himself cleared the obstacles on the road of development, in fact, we think this is the truth, now the industry is strictly not to give yourself a chance? So in this case, we should seek the development of


removal of homogeneity, reveal their own characteristics

think about why Baidu should k out of our website, in addition to Baidu (and Taobao siqia subjective reasons), more is because our website is too serious homogenization, advertising does not say, the server is not stable, the link speed super slow, each website basically is carved out of a mold, no some characteristics, such things have a value not, Baidu will k station. So what can we think of from the opposite? Yes, it is as much as possible to achieve a unique, valuable!


your Taobao guest website must try to remove the homogenization and to "Tao", don’t just put a catalogue on your site, then put some articles online everywhere, even if your site is old qualifications, do not do so, do Taobao off site must have a foothold your.

a simple example of a friend in January this year, Taobao opened a new guest website, unlike others, his website is based on the local population, filling and binding local web portal content, users can not only choose goods on his website, but also to share their views on the trend of the interaction type so that the overall site will go up, homogenization and where to start? So a valuable Taobao guest website must be the final winner.


transformation and promotion of ideas, industry segments, seize just sprouting business opportunities

For now, Taobao

customers to the author’s judgment is this way because now in product differentiation, want to do a comprehensive website really very difficult, not to say daily update products need to consume a lot of energy, just do a comprehensive keyword is enough for our work. And do a large range of Taobao