Data China website plan

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first, the core content of the site:

A, China’s most authentic personal data center

B, China’s largest

C, the social network parallel to the real society


two, beyond the Web2.0 network form

A, the network above the real person (blogger), and most of the reality of life in the face of different

B, therefore, the intangible assets above the network, there is no way to be used in real life – in exchange for the real name and profit.

C, due to the virtual society is not real basic information, resulting in the convenience of information exchange, far from being developed. "Jiayuan" just because there is some truth, has made great achievements. But for its members, this resource is only a certain degree of security of the spirit of communication, but also can not be used to participate in the exchange of goods.


three, "data China" implementation steps

1, the world’s best database (Laosun)

2, design the necessary template

3, to confirm the starting point to attract users to register

    A, Chinese students (


    B, Baijiaxing – (details see Annex


    C, China’s largest online advertising network (click on advertising for lottery tickets) (see Annex for details)

    D, China Internet Network Information Center, to provide supporting services for all sites (see Annex



four, capital requirements

1, the initial stage ——-50 – 1 million (angel investment)

    mainly used for website construction, basic data enrichment, team building, office environment,

2, upgrade phase ——-50 Wan

    resource integration costs — seeking the welfare lottery, advertising investment (Yi Weijiutong) and other institutions of cooperation, supporting the construction team.

    necessary ground channel construction promotion

    improve company image.

3, the development stage – more than ten million dollars (venture capital)

    rapid expansion of Web sites, to provide more comprehensive services for the people, beat Taobao, beyond the Tencent, so that the game provider for us