Personal website source of income atrophy

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Hu Yanping, director of the center for communication and development of the Internet Association recently revealed that personal sites are generally faced with the problem of shortage of funds and market expansion. He said that in 2006 the source of personal website revenue has been a serious decline, but let each site to look for venture capital is not realistic, so this year will be turned from the scale of the expansion of the pursuit of actual profits.

        source of income atrophy

        Hu Yanping believes that although the number of individual sites is increasing, but the vast majority of the owners are in the age of 18-25 years old, the size of the site is generally between 2 to 4 people. Personal website is not only facing the difficulties of funds, market development is also very difficult, but also in the face of a lot of technical barriers. Therefore, the individual website must cooperate with others to solve their existing problems.

        from the point of view of revenue, personal website revenue mainly from three aspects. The first is the wireless alliance, help SP to push some customized advertising; second is the flow, through the sale of traffic to other websites to bring some users; third is through the intermediary of the advertising, advertising, in accordance with the number of hits or show charges.

        these sources of income in 2006 have changed a lot. Last year, due to the mobile operators to strengthen supervision, the overall revenue of the wireless alliance has shrunk badly. After a year of rogue software around the entire Internet traffic price fell, "traffic worthless" basically has become the main advertising consistent rhetoric.

        data from the Internet Data Center shows that the network alliance in the proportion of the entire Internet advertising is small, did not enter the mainstream form of business considerations. Although the growth of Internet advertising is good, the growth rate of around 50%, but for the personal website of the big advertisers Taobao and eBay eBay, in the last year has gradually cut off this part of the advertising.

        looking for venture capital

        previous personal Adsense are with interest, hobbies, accumulated for several years to make a website, but now a lot of personal webmaster also constantly looking for venture capital. Hu Yanping believes that in the case of financial difficulties to find funds to cooperate, which is an inevitable market phenomenon, but for the vast majority of personal sites, looking for venture capital is unrealistic.

        "the starting point for the vast majority of individual sites is relatively low,".