Wangzhuan PTC rebate of what is the rebate

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with the rise of the rebate Wangzhuan Wangzhuan station, also set up. Especially PTC Wangzhuan commissionable living in the majority, the so-called PTC is the abbreviation of PAYTOCLICK English.

Wangzhuan rebate generally all click station will be on the line for the rebate, while the rest of the hook, investigation, comprehensive Wangzhuan if rebate will have special instructions.

what is the return of

Many novice

friends do not understand what is the rebate, the rebate is the station to click Wangzhuan PTC received at a certain proportion to the percentage of their own line, to achieve a common two disc Wangzhuan, hi all purpose. For example, the NEOBUX project, I click on the click of an ad, the company will give me an extra $0.005 to me (offline revenue will not be reduced), which is 4 yuan. I will put the money back to the commission a 70% Commission on one line wangzhuan. In order to achieve a win-win goal. Of course, the future is not the purpose of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan one implementation of the rebate, rebate just to give off feeling Wangzhuan can make money, make one feel Wangzhuan downline team is the common purpose of making money.

rebate is an incentive to reward the station one way Wangzhuan offline, hope to encourage everyone, let everyone keep an interest in me. Wangzhuan is can also make a lot of money. A project as long as the number one Wangzhuan received, second days will immediately return commission to you, you never.

as a webmaster, the most important is the credibility, reputation is Wangzhuan station support, so one with Wangzhuan sincerely treat every line, I hope you can find a warm feeling on the internet. Oh, nonsense to say more, the end of this.

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