dle idle tell you what the real Wangzhuan (Part 1)

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: I find that the attitude of looking at things determines your success. For example, a chicken, that chicken is shit, but not to say that the chicken will lay eggs.

secondly, a lot of people think, write a way to make money, is absolutely soft, and some people’s thinking is to make money, there is no time. In fact, this line inside, earn money, no time, belongs to the category of all living artists. I have a close friend, said that such a sentence is the truth: true master, every day to chat, but people can make money.

also asked, since you are so profitable, why do you want to promote the forum? I personally think that some people had better learn Chinese, I obviously is to promote my meager. As for my forum, do the chain. I actually do not need to promote the forum, I will tell you why. Moreover, people who have such a mentality, it is best not to go with me about the place, all of the charging system, there is no free things to you, do not waste time.

below, from the forum to talk about, I do before the forum, what profitable advertising projects:

is still the old routine, first posted income chart:




afraid that some people say that the figure is PS, give an annual report to see:


why not stick out behind, only so much, because all the way back to the settlement.

a lot of people ask, what is this revenue ah, it is estimated that people know that this is a CJ check and CJ background payment history. What is CJ? Please use Google search Commission Junction, Baidu search out of the encyclopedia is introduced, no significance. A lot of people will ask, how do you earn, and now can be open, I will only open past projects, as can now do, look at their own, because no charge, not responsible for.

first, this account is China mapping address of the CJ account, do not think that China area didn’t apply for, so that the people who either have an ulterior motive, or IQ is not normal. Did Microsoft LIVE ads, a registered US $5, for registration of such a large amount of traffic, is obviously not enough, I find the next station and Internet related websites, advertising owners Chinese lowest price, 700 yuan a month, every day the show close to 50 thousand, the cooperation of 2-3 a month, more enjoyable. As for the performance, is the registration of outsourcing. Why not do, Microsoft or ostentatious, when the promotion of their LIVE, to $5, later found that the registered amount is too large, slowly reduced >