How to make use of Google network search trends

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network to make money is inseparable from the network, but also inseparable from the site. We as a SEOER, you need to pay attention to key changes, and brought traffic on the network, so Google (Google hot trends) search trends we have to care about (of course there are other keyword rankings, here we mainly say is Google search trends), so that we can change keywords. The main content of the article is how we use Google search trends to make money.

Google hot trends inside the popular keywords, a lot of sudden rise, for example, a person’s name, or a place name, or something. Before no one use the keyword search, that is to say less that itself in the presence of the Google information, if you create a web page, do optimization it is easy to make your own content in Google search in the top, to get a large amount of traffic. If you have a link to some of the Clickbank products on your web page, you may be able to earn some commission. The reason you can immediately at the forefront of the list of search results, another reason is that your content is new, new content is Google love. The whole work is simplified into two parts:

1, as soon as possible to create a web page: you do not need to spend too much time on this web page, only need to search some of the keywords you need to do the relevant content, and then sort it out. As for advertising can be placed on the free blog above.

2, so that the page as soon as possible by Google search: in some popular web site to add links, usually 10 to 30 minutes of your web page may be Google search recorded.

3, so that your web page as high as possible: do a linkwheel, and then add some comment links can be.

this method should pay attention to the matters are:

1, the flow itself is not a long time, usually a few days time, you will go down in the rankings in Google, or you are Google to delete, after all, your content is of no importance.

2, for each keyword, you have to look at how many of your competitors, Google with quotation marks can be found. Try to choose less competitive keywords to do.

3, now apply for Google Adsense is not so easy, no Google Adsense account, it is recommended to use Amazon, eBay or click bank to make money. Some people spend half an hour to create a web page can earn $more than and 100, of course, such a small number of people. On average, it takes 1 hours to make a key word, and it is possible to make $10