Because the dream – an amateur female webmaster SEO experience

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introduce myself. Female, graduated from the University in 2009, graphic designer, from the beginning of 2010 amateur operation of a small website. Will write a simple HTML code, there is no website construction and operation of professional training. Most of my SEO knowledge is obtained from Google Webmaster Help and Baidu related documents.

I operating a small boutique network website: Story (, 2007 registered the domain name, in June 2010 began formal operation, the site’s purpose is to collect, arrange, creation, value, good story. A cousin of my website content update, I am responsible for site operation and some technical work. Current website day IP1W.

we operate the site is not a success, not a master. Small women’s incompetence, talk about my years of amateur SEO experience.

one, chase the dream, start from zero – from June 2010 to March 2011, from 0 to 800IP

Baidu value and the pursuit of the goal of the most valuable content is recommended to the most needed users. Our dream is to dedicate a valuable story to the readers. In this sense, we are consistent with Baidu’s goal. This is what I do SEO theoretical basis and spiritual motivation.

at that time, when we rented the house downstairs, there is a collection of books and the kindly old, my cousin often go inside to find books to read, can always find some good old books, these books are now very difficult to buy, there is no content inside the internet. "If these contents are sent to the Internet, you can always go on!".

so, our website first content from these old books. First scan, and then software identification.

site is my company colleagues to help establish the use of imperial CMS, did not do any other SEO work.

so, my cousin and to update the story, three months later, on the site of IP reached 200, half a year later, the website IP to 800.

our start is not wonderful, but for the development of the site has left a good tradition – dedication valuable content.

two, share the dream, make elegant — from June 2011 to February 2012, from 0 to 3000IP

in late April 2011, when I was happy for the development of the site has been a joy, a sudden disaster came – the record number was canceled, the site was forced to close more than a month.

more than a month after the site recovery, Baidu site value of 0, until after a week of recovery, only a few IP.

‘s efforts are in vain, how to do? I thought of SEO, think of S>