Talk about how to optimize advertising website earning large quantities of gold each day

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if you have applied for the advertising alliance and launched on the site, how to improve the revenue has become the primary issue. Different advertising types have different advertising optimization methods. Here we take a look at specific.

one, put different types of advertising have a particular emphasis on

click on the location of the most important advertising

click the type of advertising is generally referred to as CPC (pay per click), is generally based on the number of clicks on the ads, advertising alliance to pay the site. Most of the personal website will be put in this form of advertising, its advantage is that as long as the click of income.

in general, the hot spot in the web site will be of concern to the user, so when you click on the ad, the head of a web page and the article is part of the best placement. For the type of download site, in the vicinity of the download address is the best place to click advertising.

in addition to the advertisement position, the key size of the ad is also able to attract visitors, general advertising has a large rectangular 336× 280 the size of advertising (Figure 1), this form of advertising is generally higher than other types of advertising have a higher click rate, it also can get more advertising income. However, advertising can not be overwhelming and cannot occupy most positions in the web page, otherwise it will let visitors reduce favorability of the site.


CPS advertising user needs is the key

in addition to click on ads, in the small and medium-sized site in another popular advertising type is CPS (paid by sales) advertising, it is a kind of product sales in accordance with the number of advertising advertising costs. For example, Amazon and other similar books website advertising, it belongs to a CPS type of advertising, if the user enters the site through advertising links, and the purchase behavior, will be in accordance with a certain proportion of paid advertising expenses.

This type of advertising is more suitable for

professional nature of the site, review sites such as for types of books on CPS advertising. If the site is not related to the content of the CPS advertising, it is difficult to make people buy behavior, of course, there is no advertising revenue.

pop ads also have good


for most personal website, pop ads is a good type of advertising, it is a stable source of advertising, do not need to click can also generate revenue. But pop ads also has a disadvantage, because it is not voluntary users click, but pop up automatically when users browse the site, have a certain impact on the user’s browsing experience.

so we put in the pop-up ads, must pay attention to choose the type of advertising, instead of selecting the vulgar content of advertising. In addition the number of pop-up ads should not be too much, usually one to two. >