How do visitors do not buy human Taobao customers

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customers and prospects? Have many webmaster is removed from the field in anger, moved to other types of websites. The reason is that they are Taobao off unprofitable, too difficult to do, keep going. Now the market is already saturated, so in order to site keywords ranking fight fire. Moreover, the super depressed as well as the site ranking up, click rate also increased, but the user is still looking at the light but did not buy. However, deep inside I want to Taobao customers in the end. I always believe that Taobao is not a bottleneck in the depth of the user experience of this problem. Below, I will analyze from the following points:

keyword selection

we will determine the key words in the site, and then add the content. The guest is more clear, it needs to determine what goods. So, in the choice of key words when we should pay attention to it?

we generally want to choose a high degree of heat of the low degree of competition keywords, but the sky will not fall pie, you need is also needed by others. This time we should consider the user to set the key words from the user’s point of view.

avoid inherent patterns. For example, the diet of the web site, if it is before, what may be the food, and now the site will consider what children like to eat, pregnant women to eat what, etc.. Changing thinking helps us find the right keywords.

create their own key words can not say no, to consider the point is to raise the heat will not be difficult.

website construction

site is like a physical store, we can get some inspiration from the reality of the shop. As we stroll around the clothes shop, I have deep feelings. That is the choice of clothes store is too much, a row to go through the full Dangdang are. In general, the feeling of fresh, comfortable store design must be a brand clothing store. And we don’t always like to go to a bunch of clothes. So the first feeling is very important store. Of course, the most important thing is the clothes themselves. If the clothes are not good, we go in or not choose to buy. Sometimes, the attitude of the store is also the key to our purchase of clothing. Accordingly, the user enters our Taobao customers, he also has the overall feeling, it will decide whether to let him in the guest inside.

first of all, he is the most intuitive web page open speed, speed suck will let customers lose patience and. There are web pages can open the website performance is also our concern. So, we can spend more money to ensure the performance Maiyou domain name space, will not let users enter the site would have been willing to stand site loss.

second, in order to web page structure, page layout is simple and generous. This is also determined by the user’s sensory factors. Do not know if you have the same feeling, there are a number of sites I entered I want to leave. For in my face