Adsense new publishers should pay attention to matters

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Google Adsense team recently sent a new release note to the newly registered publisher. I read the mail, Lenovo I had just registered Adsense scene, I feel that these are indeed new publishers should be aware of the problem.

is known to all, Google Web pages, e-mail, has always been "American style", read very awkward. I use my own language, this message will translate into a standard Chinese standard for the broad masses of Adsense novice reference.

the following is the text:

as a new AdSense publisher, there are a lot of information you need to know, here to focus on the answer to some of the most new issues of concern.

Q. please tell me, how do I participate in the Adsense program to earn income?

A. display ads on your site, mainly the "CPC per click" type of advertising, when a visitor to the ads have a valid click, you (the site owner) will get income.

note that clicking on your ads or asking others to do so is a serious violation of the law.

Q. can I put ads on my website?

A. course, you can add your ad code to any of your sites, of course, these sites must comply with the Google Adsense program policies and terms. Also, add ad code to any of your new sites without Google approval.

similarly, you can also remove the code from any web site, including the first web site you fill in when you apply for Adsense.

Q. when can you get paid?

A. when your income reached $100, without reservation payment, Google will pay you at the end of the month next month by cheque or Western Union way.

Q. there are some annoying ads on my website, how can I prevent certain ads from appearing on my website?

A. if you find ads that you don’t want to show, don’t worry. You can use the competitive advertising filter to prevent these ads on your site, Adsense filter guide

Q. site advertising is not related to my website content, how to do?

A. if you add code to the site after 48 hours you see is still a public service advertising or the content of your site is not related to the ad, there may be a variety of reasons. For details, please see the introduction here>