Liu Qin on the Morningside capital venture noisy chaos in the upsurge of victory

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the Morningside capital Liu Qin in the 2014 Morningside CEO summit keynote speech. Original title for the hustle and bustle of the boom, chaos in the win: some thinking about entrepreneurship, divided into several parts, the first Forbes.

yesterday, we share some of the sum of his business summary, referred to the so-called typhoon and pig theory, in essence, is to talk about the meaning of strategy. Along this strategic topic, I share with you my understanding.

I would like to talk about today is the strategic choice, first of all to cool the market opportunity to seize the objective. I think millet Lei 10 years ago have been thinking and capture this opportunity. That night he and I were on the phone for 12 hours, and we soon made the decision. I understand why he wants to do millet, I joked and said: "Lei Jun I have been waiting for you what time to give me the phone, I said can’t sleep at night sleep, the opportunity to." But we think that there is no opportunity to think about how long it took him, even in the past and we work together in the process of investment, it is only a form of thinking. I want to do a Lei, $1 billion, has no meaning, he wants to do is big enough. We present here a year starting when they were chosen to do a large enough opportunities, but you should always look, ask yourself where you are in the market today, what has changed, the industry scale is not big enough. If this size is not big enough, is it worth spending so much time, sometimes it is necessary to make changes. Sometimes we stuck in it not worth our time, we are too love their own pay, unable to extricate themselves, not to look at the objective and calm the entrepreneurial environment of their own, not the real objective facing their market, sometimes fast decision to open a new market is a more correct the decision. Sometimes I often say a point: early demise bounce back, to find opportunities for the next big mouth. But if you sometimes find that it’s just your own implementation problem, and in fact the industry is in a stage of rapid development, you need to review your own implementation.

second is the timing of so-called market opportunities (Timing). All the great opportunities of the trend are in fact related to the timing, because it’s too early for you to wait for the waves to come true. You have no energy, no resources, no morale. Too late, we talk about the electricity supplier today, Ma is the about 200000000000 market capitalization of the company, and now you talk about this matter is already too late. So it’s crucial to capture the right timing. We do early investment, spent a lot of brain cells to think to predict the spring tide, because we tend to be ahead of the layout, my own point of view of the abstract, half a step ahead. Lei Jun millet began to consider this matter in the 09,10 mobile phone at that time, he was a minority, because he is ahead of the market foresight. What is your name is Vision, ahead of others to capture some of the traces of opportunity. But >