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just on the QQ will pop up wealth through advertising platform news this is a new thing to send the following basic information

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1 how to advertise?

you can publish your ad in the following steps:

Do you want to register

advertising website > > > add advertising in the registered website; > select advertising types (text or image ads advertising support), and fill in the advertising information > > get the advertising code, paste the code into your web page in > >; advertising publishing success.

make sure that the ad code is pasted to the site you are registering, otherwise the advertisement cannot be published successfully.

2 what is the price of my ad?

to be filled in

3 integral what role?

you need to use points to buy other sellers to publish the ad, the better the effect of advertising, the need to consume more points.

4 what is the ad code


ad code is your success in the release of the ad, we provide you with a section of the JavaScript code, you only need to add this code in your web page, your ad will be released successfully. As long as the buyer to buy your ad, the ad code will put the buyer put the billboard to your ad.

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1 how to put my ad?

you can click on the following steps to publish your ad: – create your billboard; – selecting sellers Post Advertising – advertising; setting time; determining the purchase of advertising; Advertising – seller audit content of your advertising success -.

2 must have points in order to advertise it? How to get points?

yes, you must have enough points to put in the advertisement. When you post your ad, if a buyer to buy your ad, you can get a certain number of points.

3 what is a billboard? How to use my billboard?

billboard is that you want to put advertising pictures or advertising text. After you have created the billboard, you can buy the ad and put the billboard in the advertisement.

basic information on the whole we also see that as advertising alliance with the integral way of mutual advertising has not mentioned RMB but estimates there will be

points for RMB system

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