The three major stumbling block on the road of Entrepreneurship emphasis is incorrect, underestimate

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review: focus error, underestimate the difficulty, the implementation of the transparency is too low…… We are to look at these three reasons is how we inadvertently incarnation as a stumbling block on the road to success.


now, the business is no longer so high that only a small number of people are afraid to try, it seems that everyone can talk about entrepreneurship – just think of a less bad idea on the line. However, according to the relevant statistics, 60% of the entrepreneurial projects stranded, the first venture companies in the first 18 months of the development of the probability of failure is more than 80%


once failed, implicated more than customers, companies, entrepreneurs of itself is not to be underestimated, these failures in entrepreneur’s occupation career enough left a deep imprint, even to the road of entrepreneurship has the potential force of lingering.

in the process employed in the project, "twist" and "dying", the relevant departments to reshape the vitality of considerable experience. According to the summary, the three major reasons for the failure of the business are:

focus on the wrong

underestimated difficulty

perform low transparency

next, we are to look at these three reasons to inadvertently incarnation as a stumbling block on the road to our success.

focus on the wrong

most of the time, entrepreneurs are concerned about the content of the bias – they usually pay more attention to the process (How), rather than more essential, more oriented content (What). In fact, if you do not have a clear understanding of the specific content of entrepreneurship and clear understanding, it would be appropriate to accurately plan the implementation of the steps, it is not feasible.

I love Einstein in such a famous saying: "if I had only one hour to save the world, I will spend the first 55 minutes to locate the problem, then the remaining 5 minutes to solve the problem. "The fact is that we have to make sure that our goals are not wrong, and we are more aware of what we are doing. It is only after the "correct goal" that the solution is found.

many companies fail because they focus solely on earnings, not on profits, or simply focus on gross profit, but ignore net profit. As a different story, no clear direction is starting again, but just standing still hard, not to mention the "way to success".

underestimated difficulty

many projects are in the absence of accurate prediction of the difficulty of the situation, the rush began, there is no adequate preparation does not say that the future is not enough to cope with the ability to know. So shaky, apparently easy to be "failure" of the gods to patronize. >