Google money flow Firefox advertising application process

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GOOGLE advertising account acquisition.
GOOGLE ad account.
is a method, method of direct application in the GOOGLE official website of the two, is the registration recommended by others, if you do 5 dollars, then it will give each other with 5 dollars, 100 dollars when you do, the other party will get 250 dollars. Admin5 address: Google Adsense 

this is generally Laoniao with new way, because of a promotion, it is possible to get 250 dollars, so the general people happy, happy birds, birds will share their knowledge to the novice, the novice can also get a veteran advice.

When the

application, if you have your own website, but is more formal, you can use your site as the application site, if you do not have your own website, you can find a local industry or enterprise to apply for the station as a web site, because the GOOGLE is allowed for an account and in multiple station, so when you are not on the advertising code in the main station, GOOGLE is permitted.

if you choose an unknown local station, then take this way, you can use your address to apply for GOOGLE account, this is a way to apply the most easily through the.

GOOGLE business currently has three main business:

A, click on the ads, which is GOOGLE ADSENSE