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apple can develop the company so big, certainly not only led by Jobs the wise, the so-called will no weak soldiers, apple certainly brings together numerous talents. If you need evidence to prove that Apple has a lot of crazy talent, the following Xiaobian bring you the content will be the most powerful proof. We have a stock for a while, the former Apple employees left the company, he created a number of quality companies, from cloud computing games and household appliances are involved.


Nest Labs, created by Apple iPod’s father Tony Fadell high-tech home products company. Tony, senior vice president of Apple’s iPod department, Fadell, was one of Apple’s top engineers, known as the genius behind iPod engineers, and later because of personal reasons to leave the company. After leaving Tony Fadell in 2011 with the former iPod, iPhone chief engineer Matt Rogers, created his own company – Nest Labs.

when people are guessing when he will be aimed at what the new IT product, Tony Fadell, the choice of household products beyond all expectations can be neglected, the automation of intelligent temperature controller was launched at the end of the BestBuy (best buy) in short supply, has won the CES 2012 Best Innovation Award of Science and technology. Since the establishment of the company to attract a lot of technology heavyweights from Google, Microsoft, apple and other heavyweight technology companies, and even boarded the stage of Apple’s app store.



Android’s father Andy Rubin had finally found striking one snag after another at Apple, R & D investment targets, the achievements of a story. Andy Rubin started his career in apple in the early 90s, participating in the company’s first tower computer Quadra and the history of the first soft modem (modem) R & D work. Then resolutely choose to join the handheld department independent from the Apple Corp (General Magic), then Andy Rubin after the collapse of the company has experienced a striking one snag after another career path.

Microsoft, entrepreneurship and other choices, he has one after another, and finally he set up a company called Android, determined to develop an open source mobile phone operating system platform. Mark Android little green robot from a get out of hand, leading the mobile revolution. After Google’s acquisition of Android, Andy Rubin joined Google, Google has become a leader in the development of Android, vice president of engineering. This collection of many invention patents in a genius inventor, Jobs has been praised. July 2012 latest data show that Android in full

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