Do not easily give up the site of my Taobao guest Road

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last year, Taobao had a guest single page website ranking before Baidu three for nearly a year, daily traffic is not high, about 1000, Taobao had to hang off the link, half are not what benefits, then just hang a sales page, the day has more than 400 yuan in profits, which makes me great I am ready to abandon the accident! This page.

later I will look for a Chinese version of this product, please get a bid page, to tell the truth, this is a very competitive auction page, the highlight is the copy of the bidding page. Copy of the written format, is entirely in accordance with the teacher Liu Keya a single page sales letter format, the contents of the copy is a reference to the list of hot selling products made by Taobao.

although the flow of this web page is not high, about 1000, often still look like 700-800. But it brings me more than 300 yuan a day. Because of the packaging of the product, the price is limited, each order is often only 100-130 yuan profit. Sometimes even dozens of yuan / order. The highest profit is 1200 yuan / day.

operation after 4 months, I suddenly discovered that several of the same keywords website with the ass, felt a bit uneasy, I hope I can "has been in this position; because the site traffic into is very high, the market demand is very large and urgent. So, I was in Taobao found a sale link, bought 50 Links, thought later slowly increased to hundreds of Pr3 above a chain, so you can sleep without any anxiety.


tragedy happened, after I buy 50 links for about 10 days, the website ranking suddenly fell, is the beginning of a few a few drops, finally simply to 10 pages away! After has not recovered! This is let me very sad things, shining white silver


began to think that other site quality problems, find his theory, the other is the head, always say this is the adjustment of Baidu, and later simply said not a web site, Baidu is crazy! I heard that, immediately ask to cancel all my links.

after many days later, I discovered that in fact people are not the problem of website, mainly in my short time (1 days) a sudden increase in the 50 friends of the chain, may be seen by Baidu and punished for cheating, or in a year’s ranking, not all of a sudden to 10 pages outside but there has been no recovery of


this is a painful lesson ah! So, the construction of the chain, in addition to quality control, must control the speed, otherwise it is miserable, generally small, daily exchange increases 2-3 a bit quality can be, should not be too hasty.

When the

is nearly at the end, I will "single page replaced, replaced by a SEO master made out of the website template, because I found the template effect is very good, just for the record, non – >

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