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at present, the money paid through advertising platform ( publicity can be said to be very strong, the use of QQ pop-up window to send a large number of precise QQ mailbox delivery, accurate delivery to reach hundreds of millions of users. Recently found that the advertising platform has launched a new product features, according to the website backstage is "carousel advertising".

it is understood that the main function is to set caifutong 50 million users and 28 10000 cooperative business web site resources, aiming at advertising a core product position on the rate of return on investment is not high under the condition of development. Platform collection of high-quality web site resources, the integration of a large number of advertising platform, the limited investment in advertising billboards, advertising users can share a number of advertising. Such as caifutong quality the main site resources available to businesses, advertising to carousel great returns, brand benefit can be improved rapidly; and the main site will not for their own website without advertising revenue, caifutong 50 million users and a large number of Pat sellers need publicity situation can be completely let advertisers to the website meet.

before the money paid through advertising platform can be seen, Tencent attaches great importance to the current advertising market. According to CNNIC released the twenty-second China Internet development statistics report shows that the number of Chinese websites reached 1 million 919 thousand, the annual growth rate of up to 78.4%. Online advertising is considered to be the first step in the promotion of e-commerce. Through the introduction of the core functions of the advertising platform, is bound to affect the overall pattern of online advertising.

through a channel that currently has a large number of internal pat sellers at the beginning of the platform advertising card, a large number of caifutong merchants also began to join the carousel website platform, and good feedback.

according to the money through advertising platform can not be a click of the message can also be informed that the current site may be directed against QB, RMB exchange, the specific ratio is unknown. The industry believes that caifutong has been leading the payment platform to complete the network payment arrangement, QB has become the network standard currency case (07 years, the Central Bank of QB has monopoly network money market concern) whether this move will affect the Internet


money through advertising platform also acknowledged that the product is currently being tested in the integration phase. The introduction of the main purpose is to solve the current site advertising revenue is not high, but advertisers advertising is not effectively promote the introduction of the product; set precise coverage and strong features, is a new concept.

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