The latest application of Google Adsense method analysis

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we all know it’s much harder to apply for Google than before. How to get a lot of friends do not apply to account. In particular, the friends who have been sealed are more difficult. At present, the application of Google Adsense note the following:

1 first you need to prepare a domain name with more than 6 months of registration time. This is the time to reply to GG refused to mention many times. This is easy to get. .CN domain name one yuan more than one. Easy to trade on ename. Domain names do not have to.COM, like.CN..INFO can be. referred to the quality of the web page, they pay more attention to this point. Those rely on the collection, the accumulation of the station is now very difficult to obtain approval. So we can take a look at the company’s page, do very pretty simple, just a few pages, but this station will get GG recognition. So there are ideas, you go to the Internet to refer to other people’s company page is how to do, and then imitate their own to do a similar station to apply for adsense. Recognition is still very large grasp.

3 the other way is to let people out of the corn and the web content, and then you take it directly to the application, such as GG reply to tell you need to confirm when all rights of corn, all of you to contact the corn, then let him help you identify corn all rights issues. This is currently on the market to help others on behalf of the registered GG in the universal use of this method.

well, superfluous words don’t say. This is the latest and best way to apply for GG. Pass rate can be said to be more than 95%. Wish you good luck.

just got the approval of a GG number the day before yesterday. Has been hanging on the

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