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Geni), a new venture company in Losangeles, to achieve business contact site LinkedIn Home Edition: the creation of a huge tree structure to show you who have relationship.

the world may be getting smaller; if Geni succeeds, it will make the world smaller.

Geni just started, we found it easy to use. The company is led by CO creator David Sacks, who is the former chief operating officer of PayPal, which recently launched the Room9 entertainment, which is a product for the company’s thank you for smoking supply budget. Geni has got the first $1 million in funding from the Founders fund. Founders Fund led by Peter Thiel, he is the former CEO of Paypal.

Geni has been testing it for weeks.

Geni pay more attention to the existing family members of the network, so that they can interact through a friendly user interface, it allows you to drag the family tree on the screen, as you use Google Map. Once you’ve made an entry for your relatives (see the screenshot below), Geni lets you send a email to the relative to invite them to join, so that they can make an entry. Therefore, it is viral.

Geni is the last one in the genealogy site list. The largest one is The Generations Netwo>

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