How to maximize the visibility and response of advertising

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5.1  advertising location: where do you put them?

location is everything. If you are not in the first position for the audience to see, even the world’s most beautiful advertising is equivalent to a blank sheet of paper. But after so many

Google Adsense put, I want to tell you: the most visible location does not always mean the best results. In fact, it is probably due to

for them " too dazzling " and the visitors turn a blind eye.  

really plays the role of advertising is the most likely to attract the attention of visitors, take up most of their time.  

you can skillfully use graphics, tables and other layout means to create a few " on the page; attractions " to attract visitors.  

once they get caught up in these interesting content, it’s possible to read and click on the ads. This is exactly what Google needs "

true intention figure " rather than the blind click rate.  

here are a few tips to help you get the click rate.  

5.2  flow along with

determines the reader’s reading mode. What attracted them first? What makes them click?

, like I said, you want to put ads on the content that can attract the attention of the viewer, rather than where no one can see. Visitors to the site will follow the content

is moving, so make sure your ads follow the content. Take a closer look at the design and layout of the web page, where most visitors can see,

labeled these places as possible ad.  

in fact, Google has provided a " for us; image ", it can help us to do this work more efficiently.  

                                                              & nbsp;


as above, Google " " image; shows a " P >

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