Sohu Entrepreneurship Series A Yu Qingmu and koala FM

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this is one of the series of records of the Sohu entrepreneurial story I planned, but also the opening.

Sohu entrepreneurial gene. Whether executives come out, or ordinary employees come out, the total flow of blood in a number of disturbing factors. At least I know a lot of people are like this, it is difficult to explain why this is.

everyone recognized Sohu out of the first generation of entrepreneurs are concentrated in the field of video. Youku founder Gu Yongqiang, the original six network founder Li Shanyou and Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu, and even served CEO Wang Jianjun in my music network, spike in media properties in the representative of the video industry.

this is the first wave of success, I boil down to PC Internet era entrepreneurs. Their stories have been seen in numerous newspapers and Internet readers, too familiar, not fresh. So I look to the second generation of entrepreneurs Sohu.

I give Sohu second generation of entrepreneurs is described, leaving the former belongs to the middle of the Sohu, several years of experience, is currently working independently.

this wave of people I define as Sohu. I hope to be able to chat with about 10 Sohu entrepreneurs, perhaps to draw some interesting conclusions.

is the first appearance of Yu Qingmu, on Sunday afternoon talk. Former Sohu auto channel editor, the current digital audio content operators – car language media chairman and CEO, as well as mobile voice content platform – Koala FM founder.

Yu Qingmu looks a little bit like host Liu Yiwei, with a beard. Sometimes the 12 storey building in the Sohu often can see the akimbo lecture, we say that Liu Yiwei began hosting the program.


channel and IT channel were previously owned by the center of production.

Yu Qingmu in May 2007 from the Sohu began to leave the business. Entrepreneurial project is the car language media, positioning is a digital audio content operators, industry and automotive, traffic radio related.

car language media investors have three, completed the first round of financing in 2010. One is the alliance, the original Lenovo investment. One is the Bertelsmann, Europe’s largest media group. One is DCM. The second round of financing is underway.

I simply sum up what the language is.

is the first business radio advertising agency business. Beginning with a "meeting" every day car car broadcast in nearly 200 radio stations, and then extended to the agents throughout the traffic radio advertising agency business.

second business is the whole frequency of operational traffic broadcast, including Sichuan traffic, Guangzhou traffic, Hefei traffic, Xi’an traffic and Nanjing heart fm. Simply that is paid to pay the entire frequency of the contract, is responsible for the content of the broadcast and advertising agents, each year to pay a certain amount of relevant agencies.

for five years

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