Now there is no real sense of free Wangzhuan.

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has a lot of friends asked me: "free Wangzhuan end can earn money?" this question is really not a word to say yes, I can confirm the answer: you can! Can also answer you: not very contradictory!? don’t worry, let us look at the four course of making friends have experience in free Wangzhuan:

apprenticeship: about in the last century, with a lot of money, money, mail surfing click advertising to make money, a lot of worms were found, in addition to Internet chat games, can also earn money through these, so that when the early Wangzhuan owners, make friends are honest according to the requirements of Wangzhuan company go surfing, to click on, but because the Wangzhuan company provides price is higher, and the price low, really make friends have tasted the sweetness of diligent make friends have registered dozens of companies, surf the Internet every day, click, one day can earn more than and 100 this is a very high income, can not be said at the time. This process, on the whole, lasted about 5 years, you may not catch up, I did not catch up, not much to say.

: with the growing army of Wangzhuan gradually expand, many savvy friends wanted to make manual click slow ah, can design a software can automatically click? The idea there is action, action will have a harvest. A lot of time a lot of cheating software came into being, with cheating software do free Wangzhuan, others can make a few dollars a minute, he can earn several hundred dollars! This time many Wangzhuan master one day earn thousands or even tens of thousands like a game, Wangzhuan industry ushered in the first period of profits! Now active in making the altar Wangzhuan master a half is fortune at that time. Unfortunately, I did not catch up with you.

: the first period of stalemate with the profits in good times don’t last long miracle, invalid click Wangzhuan company the soaring, in the case of large fold, with rapid reaction; on the one hand is the development of anti cheat software, system, on the one hand is the price, K, and even dishonor. Those players in Wangzhuan by software oligarchies also do not forget to improve the flow, cheating software, and started a lot of sale software. For a time, cheating and anti cheating struggle were four, the two sides into a stalemate. The result is beyond all expectations: ankylose Wangzhuan company anti cheating is more and more high, the price is lower and lower, and make friends in order to sell what can Wangzhuan cheating software trumpeted day gains 1000 yuan, 10000 yuan and so on, the influx of a lot of apprenticeship to make friends, make Wangzhuan company quickly out of losses and profits rose sharply, to further stimulate the birth of new Wangzhuan company. And those early from the apprenticeship, the growth of the friends who come from it, but also from the sale of cheating software earned a. Bitter bitter who just joined the ranks of the Wangzhuan apprenticeship, has also just a novice: according to the requirements of the company do Wangzhuan honestly, have registered dozens of Wangzhuan, one day can not earn tens of dollars to buy cheating software, this is not a higher investment? And a lot of money go in, not necessarily be able to recover the investment, may be found, or K.

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