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since the Alibaba will be upgraded to PPC PPC promotion, the vigorous. Because of the competitive bidding for Alibaba has been feeling disgusted, so the promotion of the click to launch, but also very much at the beginning. Think this is nothing more than Ali is a way to earn money for members. A Alibaba of the chapter Lin blandishments lobbying, but not for the


later, Ali came Henzhao, sent one hundred yuan red click promotion experience. Ha ha, this can be fatal, I finally surrendered, began to use the experience of red envelopes, do not have to do it!The results of the

experience, should be very happy, so many key words out, really quite interesting. Everywhere you can see their promotional information, as long as you do not click, it does not have to look at the money, it seems that can earn a eyeball effect. The relative ranking is really improved a lot! Before engaging in PPC, a word on hundreds of thousands, a month later, there is no real cost of this inquiry to dig! If you press the thirty words to calculate, but not thousands of yuan can fix the


experience in a day, found a very large amount of words, would like to find out what the specific people who click on the key word, but did not receive an inquiry phone, the results found that can not see. Alibaba not say how clever technology can prevent malicious clicks? I believe that Alibaba can be done, but if they do not know the guard, I hope they can open, so click the details view function, at least I through the visitors click on the details view to know what is invalid click to click. Promotion forum to send an article – Recommended Opening click for details query results of the posts moderator gave me with points, but on the second day they found this post has to lock, this post has been unable to participate is discussed. Why? In fact, I just think you know, this post must be touched Ali click on the promotion of interest, if you really like I expect so, click to open the promotion details query function, then click on the advertisers (including malicious click people) will have concerns, the direct result is to reduce the amount of click, click Ali promotion project will not be to maximize the benefits! So, I will stick to this behoove sealed, sealed, it is proved that the my judgement is correct! Isn’t it


these days, I receive a lot of information through instant trade promotion, we need to ask XXXX? Which sell products and services are our enterprise impossible things, because our company is doing clothing needle machine and other mechanical equipment, in the promotion of words in the selection of clothes in a word, it is found that the promotion of information to collect information on potential customers by telephone marketing or sales collected, as potential customers for us to sell their products or services, which makes me very depressed!

Alibaba as a result of enterprise information rich and informative, the telephone marketing staff to become a place for information gathering is an indisputable reality, >

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