The distribution will be the future of electronic commerce major

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e-commerce development today, has been more and more perfect. With the increase in the number of Internet users in China, but also with the improvement of the quality of Chinese Internet users, more and more people feel that the Internet is very important. Before we buy things, like shopping malls, and later like to go to the store, and now, many people have not go to the store, and sitting at home on the Internet, go shopping similar to Taobao shopping site. In other words, now we have realized that online shopping is more affordable and convenient than shopping in the store. Therefore, more and more people do not buy things in the store, and changed to the internet.

initially put the item in all sites such as Taobao to sell, but with the increase of this store, Taobao has become a market stall, what goods are really fake, so many brands although the top selling, but many consumers can not distinguish genuine and fake, but in Taobao people buy things, often choose goods from the search, so often people are not buying brands to open the store. Later, businesses have found this problem, on their own to open a separate shop, with an independent domain name to operate, but in the vast Internet, just a shop, it is difficult for consumers to find. Although the general brand businesses a little fame, but does not mean that consumers will directly enter the domain name to open the site.

with the development of e-commerce, the distribution of the.

distribution is to be released by a general merchant goods, others through the site to operate alone. The distributor can have an independent domain name, and commodity data provided entirely by businesses, after the sale of goods, the merchant is divided into distributors. This model will be the future of e-commerce, especially the main business model of the brand’s business. The Internet can not rely on a person to do, is to rely on a lot of people together to operate in order to expand. The Internet is interlinked, the data can be shared at any time, which provides a good way for distribution.

online store low cost, zero inventory, can be said that many want to start their own business, but there is no money to provide a very good support. Now many businesses have their own independent mall, but the real realization of the distribution function is very small. A brand, to achieve the distribution model, very easy, reputation, reputation, entrepreneurs are willing to do, and consumers are willing to buy.

now the various brands still in the separate operation, thinking that we have not changed, of course, there are some people who have seen this market, so the agent of some commodities, and then sell them. But after all, but the brand than their own businesses to do so. As for the online turnover, we are very clear, is very large.

who do Internet distribution, who first occupied the market, who will occupy a large number of distributors, the only way to do the brand bigger and bigger. In this paper I cheaper network CEO ( SEO, the original green mountains and rivers in Hunan.

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