Ali group PO obstacles to refinance $8 billion at a seat two

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Ali group recently moves frequently.

on the evening of March 4th, media reports, according to informed sources, in order to repay the current debt, Alibaba plans to borrow $8 billion again. Last year, Alibaba has just borrowed $4 billion.

debt generated in order to repurchase YAHOO.

2005, YAHOO to $1 billion and its business in China for the 40% stake in Alibaba group. September 18, 2012, Ali announced the completion of the first round of repurchase, Ali to $6 billion 300 million in cash plus $800 million preferred shares Ali, Ali YAHOO shares held by the hands of the repurchase of $50%.

at the same time, the provisions of the agreement Ali one-time payment of YAHOO technology and intellectual property license fee of $550 million in cash.

Alibaba Public Relations Department official told reporters: on the (above) market rumors do not comment.


wreckerThe growth of

Alibaba, but in 2012 Q3 losses of $246 million. This loss will soon be explained by Ali group CMO Wang Shuai: Q3 loss due to a one-time payment of $550 million to YAHOO technical costs".

Independent electricity supplier analyst Li Chengdong

said: "in the third quarter of last year to pay YAHOO $550 million one-time expense," bath ", intended to facilitate listed in 2013 to submit a good financial statements".

Ali group listed to do more than a bath". One of the lessons is including the repurchase of YAHOO stock: last September, after the end of the 20% YAHOO Ali group to repurchase shares, shares structure into Ali management 31.7%, Softbank, YAHOO 29.3% 20%, the remaining shares held for investment and other investment institutions.

buy YAHOO stock is intended to make Ma led management to become the largest shareholder, to solve the problem of control.

two of the work is the privatization of Alibaba B2B business. Last year, Alibaba had a loan of $4 billion for the privatization of the listed Alibaba in Hongkong B2C, and to support the repurchase of YAHOO shares trading. Including a $four loan from a bank in June of last year, and $1 billion in loans from last year’s $3 in the year to $8 in loans from the bank in July.

loan of $8 billion, $4 billion will be used to repay the $4 billion loan last year, another $4 billion to buy back YAHOO shares.

three of the work is to adjust the organizational structure. In January this year, the Alibaba group continue adjusting the organizational structure and management system, then Ali group will be 7 of the original business group, broken into 25 division, and then combined with some common macro, to 9 members of the Executive Committee are responsible for the management of the group.

in February 22nd of this year, Alibaba low-key carry out the organizational structure adjustment: Branch

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