Shop fraud and then trick empty package to create real sales

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said the shop fraud basically had the social consensus, since South Korea emerged beauty look almost as farce, the progress of science and technology has made the fraud penetrated into all aspects of society, this may be a double-edged sword of science and technology, on the one hand to improve the people’s living standard, on the other hand, people have to pay for the side effects of science, as a representative of the progress of science and technology, electronic commerce is that property, online fraud almost along with the development of electronic commerce, and fraud technology is also in constant progress and improvement, become a wonderful phenomenon of society.

shop fraud historical romance

shop since Taobao launched a long-standing fraud, the corresponding evaluation and promotion mechanism, with sales and favorable rate data to enhance shop credibility and influence, even including the exposure rate, which resulted in the shop if you have a higher level of credibility, it will bring in endless wealth, so various the cheating came into being, and the first thing he acts as a means of cheating customers, constantly brush sales and praise. But this kind of cheating was quickly detected by Taobao, so the backward technology was soon eliminated.

Single brush

professional organization, let the shop fraud into the team during this period has not ended, this is because the team crime detection system is very subtle, Taobao did not do intelligent so fine, but the team were relatively cumbersome, also need to closely cooperate to complete, so brush the credibility of the cost is not cheap, some key team a without actually, through the software to brush reputation frequently, which is very easy to detect by Taobao, so many shop is so huge losses, this is the era of the paradise of adventurers, some shop so quickly won the crown, and some Waterloo suffered.

shop now began to appear in the offbeat style all their own, that is to collect information on the Internet, direct simulation of these users in online orders, then send an empty package to these customers, the formation of real transaction records, and then use the user account on this process, fully embodies the power of hackers, realize the corresponding orders to others through the account, but also real sale, so it has high reliability, it can hardly let Taobao screening, and the cost is very low, the current brush single love.

express annoyed

air parcel strategy does make a lot of shop overnight, followed by the arrival of the inexhaustible wealth so that the shop itself is now for happiness within, but very busy courier company, is clearly a very depressing, but depressed depression, after all these courier companies did not suffer many losses, actually in the process to the shop brush reputation, access to certain postal charges, but after all did not form a true sale, for the courier company, its business volume will obviously be greater, easy to cause the explosion.

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