Small and medium sized tourism companies long-term effective network marketing strategy

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As the saying goes: the

is small, Wuzangjuquan, our small and medium-sized tourism website as bamboo shoots after a spring rain come out, this is an era we have created a brilliant tourism website. For our small and medium-sized tourism website must learn from some successful experience, combined with their own characteristics and advantages, in the fierce market competition to occupy a certain market share, for their website to win a cake. So how do we do? Only one answer, take the difference of the road, play to their strengths and weaknesses of


many small and medium-sized tourism sites are from a travel agency and to the development of local tourism, first of all, small and medium-sized websites should be based on local resources, such as Zhejiang Shaoxing, a small tourist site, it should be their own to expand the scope of services to all parts of Shaoxing, to become complete the tourism business in Shaoxing, including vehicle arrangement, tour guide team construction, financial support, procedures, customer service, travel planning etc.. These resources do not need to collect, is your local inherent resources, we can do is to contact the relevant organizations.

second, many small and medium-sized tourism companies still follow the traditional route in the local old timers, but their market share shrinking, set up than their late and elong network quickly rise, then occupied most of the travel booking market rise. If such traditional companies do not make timely and thorough change course, rarely have the opportunity to win in the competition, must actively adjust their thinking, with the development of technology brings the high-end services to attract customers, the traditional companies have to introduce new talent.

, however, there are still many advantages of small and medium tourism websites, such as free and flexible business operations, free flow of funds, etc.. In addition, the construction and operation of small and medium tourism sites is essential, the following tips are very useful:

first, do valuable content, calls for small and medium-sized tourism website reasonable positioning itself is not important, not the content of the value of information is that no one will go to visit your site, and remember not the monotony of the tourism website reprint, to enhance their level of service.

second, the website construction to minimize the use of complex structure: with the least code to show the most simple form of expression, which is the most important in SEO.

third, do small and medium-sized travel sites outside the chain construction, in fact, the chain construction of small and medium-sized tourism website is not only to look to the search engines, more should be done to people, the best chain with soft Wen to do, write a travel experience, travel journey with links to increase the chain.

fourth, updated regularly, we search through Google (Baidu SEM has too much) of the hotel, you can clearly see a lot of travel website news updates frequently, and news articles also was not the original copy, but after editing the.

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