Corrupt Taobao We should not criticize it

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when Taobao corruption was exposed, was intrigued, each platform, a variety of related news act out, seems to be not the ugly face of Taobao mining most incisive dogged; there are a lot of people, a lot more platform with the Taobao corruption, in Taobao trumpeted the not. In the criticism of Taobao people, mainly there are three types of people, but the author’s opinion, these three categories of people should not to criticize Taobao:

first talk about Taobao as a competitor’s large B2C sites, such as Jingdong

and many large mall like B2C, also in the Jingdong and Sike in the publicity of their various advantages, do not forget to take Taobao compared to Taobao. Can think, if there is no Taobao on line user education, logistics distribution mode created by Taobao, not Taobao online payment system established, Jingdong may succeed? It is not only Jingdong, any business enterprise can say that they do not benefit from Ali to e-commerce in full penetration.

is Taobao established a trust between the user and the shop, Taobao has developed a user’s online shopping habits, out of these, any e-commerce site can not be successful.

The second is that the

part of the Taobao

sellers indignant

when Taobao corruption exposed, many sellers are standing out at all filled with righteous indignation, not Taobao. For these people, I can not help but want to say, since such a dislike for Taobao, that you are still on Taobao? Taobao is corrupt, but most Taobao employees still very pragmatic, Taobao is still a healthy environment. So when your store performance is not good, should go to do is try to be improved, to increase sales, but not when Taobao has any negative image of the comment.

and Taobao still provide a platform for people to go into business for free, still provide a lot of resources, forget who dug the well water that don’t forget what.

there are some Taobao buyers

Maybe you

on Taobao to buy a fake, you may for the logistics delivery speed and Taobao but these brood on, what is the relationship? Taobao is just a platform, but it has no obligation and no way to do every Taobao sellers have a conscience. As for the issue of shipping, it has nothing to do with Taobao.

and Taobao in the Internet can let us have more, can buy better products at a cheaper price, so as buyers, no matter what you encounter unhappy things in Taobao, Taobao should not criticize.

in fact, we do not have too many qualifications to criticize Taobao, if anyone is eligible, that only ma. This article by love web submission. >

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