Ma Yun very optimistic about the cooperation with Hunan in the field of rural electricity supplier

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[TechWeb] November 24th news reports, "Chinese Lunar New Year, my family bought the Hunan old lady do sausage, bacon, very delicious." Chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group Ma appeared yesterday in Changsha, visited the Hunan radio and television group, and attended the signing ceremony of the provincial government and the strategic cooperation agreement signed by the Alibaba group, delivered a speech.


Ma Yun: very optimistic about the cooperation with the electricity supplier in rural areas in Hunan

Ma Yun said, although Hunan has a lot of special agricultural products, city people love to eat, but it is difficult to buy; farmers want to sell, but no channel. Rural electricity supplier is too broad prospects. Now, a lot of young people out of rural areas to go back to the countryside to open shop, when the courier, the home of agricultural products sold around the world, this is a wonderful thing."

Ma Yun said he was very optimistic about cooperation with Hunan, especially in the field of rural e-commerce cooperation. According to reports, Alibaba group has been in Xiangtan, Yiyang, Zhangjiajie, Yongzhou and other places to carry out a pilot e-commerce in rural areas, the system of training for farmers. Alibaba hopes to cooperate with Hunan ‘perfect’." Ma Yunru is said.

Ma, the central province of Hunan consumption potential and industry should not be overlooked. This year ‘double eleven’, Hunan people on Taobao’s purchase, sales grew by 58.8%, respectively, compared with last year, the growth rate is quite fast." And every time to Hunan, Ma said he could feel the fresh breath, innovative atmosphere.

Ma Yun hope that in the future, Alibaba group and Hunan to carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in cloud computing and big data, smart city construction, e-commerce, Internet banking and other aspects. "I am looking forward to this strategic cooperation." (Zhou Xiaobai)

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