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from 2014, the state’s policy on medical electricity providers and similar platforms (spring doctor, registered network, Ding Xiangyuan) development, the development of medical electricity supplier is bound to be the trend in the next few years. As early as possible and the layout of the electricity supplier for the medical resources, the strength of the enterprise is very necessary. Because of the huge difference between e-commerce and the traditional mode of operation, as well as the high cost of e-commerce in the early stages of learning. Specially made this model and the feasibility of the analysis, to enter the medical electricity supplier industry friends to provide some valuable information.

one, the current type of medical electronic business platform and the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet analysis:

first category: Sales B2C: the use of network channels to sell over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs, medical equipment, household goods, health care products.

mode of operation: the use of existing network platforms such as Tmall or self built B2C platform for network marketing.


1 is currently limited to the pharmaceutical industry policy and circulation channels have not been B2C platform relatively large industries, and the pharmaceutical industry is just the industry people, according to the electricity supplier trends and occupy the dominant position in the industry segments of the B2C platform to speculate that the pharmaceutical industry can also appear similar: the pharmaceutical industry platform Amoy brand, Jingdong Dangdang,,, and other B2C platform.

2 sales B2C model is relatively simple, easy to operate.

3, project investment is relatively flexible, you can test the water at a small cost, you can also put a large market.


sales B2C model is very easy to be imitated, after the mature development will evolve into a brand monopoly, such as Jingdong,, Dangdang, in their respective segments of the industry bigger, second and third and many other platforms have no competitive advantage.

second: O2O: sales network channels and physical stores combined sales of non prescription drugs, prescription drugs, medical equipment, health supplies, health care products, optimize the user experience and optimize the purchase logistics warehousing, the accumulation of user data.

operation mode: to serve as the core, with data (grasp the massive user profile) as the basis, to repeat purchase as the goal, combined with the advantages of network marketing and brand promotion, display, store and distribution advantages to the community for both radiation sales link mode O2O.


Fast and convenient use of the Internet can provide 1

is much better than the current store sales model of service, the user data can be accumulated massive targeted services to the user, the user can use the Internet tools for two times, three times of marketing.

2 due to the huge market and limited to a variety of resources, so in the development of sales O2O model is difficult to have a unique situation

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