Analysys released in July the electricity supplier APP list, the U.S. grapefruit grapefruit Street f

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recently, Analysys released in July [APP TOP100] electricity supplier list, the list data show that Taobao ranked first in the APP business, Jingdong, followed by At the same time, the U.S. Grapefruit’s community business platform grapefruit Street ranked among the top 50, ranked 41; while in the shopping rebate / segments, grapefruit Street ranked eighth.




July 2015, the U.S. grapefruit community in the water and electricity provider in December of the same year, APP officially launched grapefruit street. As the mobile phone the woman on the street, grapefruit Street Main clothing underwear, Home Furnishing daily, maternal and child supplies, fashion accessories, cosmetics and other non personal standard category, mainly to the sale, fully meet the needs of women online shopping. According to the background the electricity supplier transaction data grapefruit latest public display, grapefruit street August sales reached 120 million yuan; and in May of this year, the total monthly trading on street grapefruit has exceeded 100 million yuan, the monthly income of more than 10 million yuan, the successful implementation of the transformation from the community to the electricity supplier.


The rapid growth of

grapefruit street, on the one hand, the U.S. grapefruit lies in its huge user base and high quality community activity based on community and business complement each other, can be customized according to user habits and commodities push big data, user stickiness and re purchase rate is higher.

on the other hand, after the line, grapefruit Street focus on the positioning of the demand for women and the value of high flow platform to get more and more businesses recognized. Up to now, there are more than 1 cooperative businesses to provide quality sourcing grapefruit street, the number of goods per day to provide users with SKU reached 4000. The category is complete, the price of excellent value of the sale mode, the same street grapefruit by users.

Analysys is a well-known third party data organization, focus on big data to digital user data and professional data model as the core algorithm and analyst service ecosystem research, the publishing industry report, is also an important reference for industry research.

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