Localization services three or four cities to develop mobile electricity supplier market where

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Chinese Internet Network Information Center released in March this year, as of the end of December 2011, China mobile phone users has reached 356 million people, accounting for the overall proportion of Internet users reached 69.4%. Among them, China’s smart phone users accounted for 53.4% of the total number of mobile phone users. IResearch recently released report pointed out that in the first quarter of 2012, mobile providers have exceeded mobile value-added services, accounting for 42% of the total domestic mobile Internet scale, becoming the largest mobile Internet industry segments. Now almost everyone has recognized the prospects for the development of mobile providers, but the mobile electricity supplier market where?

traditional electricity supplier into the remote electricity supplier

mobile Internet is a new form of Internet, mobile phones, tablet PCs and other mobile terminals, the advantages of the mobile Internet is that he can carry, easy to use and other convenient features. There is a complementary relationship between traditional Internet and mobile Internet, mobile Internet is a supplement to the traditional Internet, the mobile Internet gradually mature process, many of the traditional Internet business also began to transfer to the nature of mobile Internet, electric business has been walking in the front. Mobile payment has a remote payment and near field payment points, with the corresponding mobile providers can also have a remote electricity supplier and the electricity supplier in the near field.

mobile electricity supplier in the remote electricity supplier refers to the traditional electricity supplier through the PC side of the natural way of shopping through mobile terminal shopping. The remote electricity supplier shopping way is to extend the traditional shopping way, remote electricity providers and traditional electricity supplier shopping category can be completely overlap, the difference is that different from shopping shopping different terminal application software. Traditional electricity providers through the browser shopping, mobile electricity supplier is through APP shopping, the current electricity supplier websites have launched their own mobile APP to attract consumers. Now the mobile electricity supplier APP template is so several kinds of shapes, we learn from each other, and finally the user experience are almost the same, now the traditional electricity supplier website pages are becoming more and more similar. The fierce development of mobile electricity supplier, is bound to cause the traditional electricity supplier to consumers naturally transferred to the electricity supplier, the remote electricity supplier is a supplement and extension of the traditional electricity supplier.

localization services near the electricity supplier

mobile electricity supplier in the most potential market should belong to the field of localization services near the electricity supplier market. General understanding of the electricity supplier of the localization service refers to the O2O model, so understand the O2O model is no problem. O2O mode refers to the online and offline linkage together, through online consumption to drive sales of entities under the line, which is a new concept of electricity supplier. O2O model on the one hand to support online, so O2O need to have Internet and mobile Internet support, on the other hand is the need to line local service businesses for the consumer content, and local service establishments consumption is consumer service life of the region, so the mobile Internet is more suitable as a carrier of the development of O2O pattern.

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