Solve the problem of Shopex assistant download pictures can not be displayed

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to solve the problem of assistant download the goods can not be displayed in the local or import Taobao platform.

assistant version for 3.2.1124.24403

recently downloaded mall goods, want to import Taobao, but the product can not be downloaded in the local display, import Taobao or pat assistant can not display.

I think this should not be a problem for me alone, so to solve their own solutions to share with you.

is very simple, master bypass it.

first downloaded to the local picture below, shows several cross.

on the upper right corner of a picture localization, but this is only for the case of less goods, if too many commodities too cumbersome.

that’s just another solution.


and then point to the upper left corner of the source code, the picture on the path is the relative path of the picture in space.

if you think this path is not to find out can also put the code first to get the Dreamweaver inside this convenient point.

problem is here, why this happens, please Google relative path and absolute path.


found no problem, this path before simply add your website domain name on it.

, for example, the path on the graph is src=" home/upload/gpic/20100920/56bd8842a75740ca8a1ef86057bc1492.jpg"

we changed to src=""

three domain names but also must be added to the http://s. this, or not.

OK, let’s take a look at it, but the 3 are not shown yet, so we’re going to edit it.


to select all the goods – batch editor – details.

and then choose to find and replace the home instead of the specific domain name oh.

then it should be okay.

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