WeChat officials individual purchasing new difficult to enjoy the consumer protection law protection

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Legal Evening News (reporter Zhang Xin) the new "consumer protection law" the implementation of the full year, this morning, the Secretary of State Administration for Industry and consumer protection Yang Hongcan and China Consumers Association Secretary General Chang Yu network interviews on people.com.cn, the new "law" the implementation of various circumstances arise, an online exchange with netizens.

in the interview, Yang Hongcan said that the current rise of the individual purchasing WeChat, according to the new "law" provisions to protect the rights and interests of consumers. Chang Yu and remind consumers, online shopping regret right is no reason, if the goods have quality problems, can require businesses for three packs in the warranty period, do not be one concept.

for some consumers suspect personal information is leaked in the complaint platform, Yang Hongcan said that the current SAIC drafted "acts against the interests of consumers" positive penalties for public comment, which stipulates that the operator if the disclosure of personal information of consumers will be punished.

1 WeChat personal purchasing new difficult to apply the "wave law

as one of the most popular instant messaging software, WeChat’s rise to become a popular circle of friends purchasing. Reporters noted that many people in the use of a circle of friends purchasing goods, said received a fake. The rise in TV shopping, online shopping after the WeChat purchasing this model, Yang Hongcan said that if the purchase of personal behavior, it is difficult to meet the consumer trap with the new "law" to safeguard their rights.

Yang Hongcan said that the new "law" adjustment is between consumers and operators of the rights and obligations. But WeChat purchasing is often the name of friends, acquaintances help in the name of the person who has not handled the registration of industrial and commercial registration, many still part-time. In this case, it is difficult to identify who is purchasing managers, after a dispute possibility is regarded as ordinary civil disputes more, it is difficult to apply to the new provisions of the "law".

but Yang Hongcan also stressed that if the enterprise marketing by WeChat, to carry out the business of purchasing, the new regulations apply to the "law".

2 super seven days return business concept

Chang Yu said, online shopping 7 days no reason to return in the actual operation there are many problems. In addition to the current electricity supplier without reason to return the narrow range, no reason to return or raise the threshold, also found that the electricity supplier will have no reason to return as to shield consumers due to quality problems return.

in the online shopping, there are many businesses claimed that any more than seven days, no matter what the reasons are not returned. In this regard, Chang Yu said, seven days is simply no reason to return the time limit, rather than the time limit for the return of quality problems. If the provisions of the state, all electric repair two times in the "three" period, still cannot be used properly, consumers can repair records and proof, replace the same model with the specifications of the product or refund according to the relevant provisions.

Chang Yu said that the validity period is generally more than six months, or even a

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