Glory route 158 yuan bonus is more than $11.11 spike Yao you grab

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compared with previous years, 11 double, this year’s major electricity supplier platform promotion cycle longer. Back in November 1st, Jingdong has started a special promotion, and the day of November 11th is undoubtedly the most complete category, the largest. Recently, the acclaimed glory route is unwilling to remain out of the limelight. The official news shows, November 11th day, glory route will to the preferential price of 158 yuan in China and China for the mall, Jingdong and Tmall mall flagship store on sale at the same time, and there are a variety of promotions at the same time, to let consumers.


It is reported that

users, on November 11th the same day at HUAWEI mall, mall Jingdong and Tmall flagship store in the preferential price of 158 yuan on sale, the user login above three platform Click to buy, you can enjoy the preferential price, no need to receive coupons, convenient extremely, and Rhizoma Bletillae elegant black ceramic two colors; at the same time. Jingdong will also open on November 10th time period 20:00-21:00 seckill seckill activities, offers unparalleled. In addition, the glory of the route in HUAWEI mall, Jingdong mall and Tmall flagship store stocked enough to ensure that users can successfully purchase, and enjoy the benefits of double 11.


as a big part of the glory of the smart home products, the glory route to a unique design and good product force in the user with a high reputation. Adhering to the Nordic minimalist design style, abandon the traditional design of the glory of routing an external antenna, without any external accessory parts, makes the body 9cm× 9cm× 9cm all blend into one harmonious whole; the exquisite size highlights the three-dimensional body spirituality, fashion intelligence Home Furnishing the punchline, easily and without any decoration style collocation feel awkward. Ceramic white glory Wenrunruyu routing, elegant black style is exquisite and profound, can satisfy different users for the classic preference.


from the configuration point of view, HUAWEI glory routing technology as powerful endorsement, built-in dual core ARM architecture Hass 1GHz main chip, and provide independent Wi-Fi acceleration engine, provides maximum protection for the data transmission speed and stability; and its built-in 2.4GHz/5GHz dual band balun antenna, take 30° the optimum tilt angle of the display. The performance of each antenna is to maximize, to achieve the most extensive Wi-Fi coverage area, seckill many so-called villa class wall Wang products. It is worth mentioning that, for villas and other large units of the network coverage problem, the glory of the route proposed a distributed Wi-Fi solution, that is, a key networking relay. Simply press the "Hi" key, two glory route can be automatically synchronized data, easy to achieve Wi-Fi signal expansion.



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