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just listen to a friend said in the webmaster nets someone in the sale of meters, I heard the feeling is not very confident, the friend gave the address, call me to see. Out of curiosity, I can easily point to open, wow, really is someone selling meters! Scared me


read the contents of the post, I am depressed. This man is said to help the British friends to sell, be true? Is not a joke about everybody?, now also in the market few millions more, in stationmaster net selling such nm, can find a buyer to

?I want to

, the domain name in the Admin5 trading forum posted, only show, want to sell, it is not possible. After all, the grassroots groups, can afford to buy such a good domain name or few. Can afford such a nm, unless there is a terminal background of thick foundation, close to can make good use of. Otherwise, even if you finally got the domain name for Zaguomaitie, finally will make the "send" dream can not be achieved, but the hands empty, only the domain name password.

has Chinese of "6" "8" "9" and the number of preference, so that the number will give their relatives and close to bring auspicious, rich, which led directly to the 18, 28, 58, 68, 88 digital meters become the favorite rice farming and terminal price of rice! It is hard to find one meter.

now I know the number of 8 of the domain name is the terminal application, there are,,,,,, (this is very early),, etc.. Not only the terminal is particularly interested in 8, is also a lot of people. For example, QQ number, mobile phone number, if you take a few 8, feel very easy to read, easy to read, feeling down big


people are not only interested in the 8, but also quite like the other figures, the well-known is an example. Because the numbers are relatively better than the letters, writing is easier. As a result, it has laid the digital domain name in the domain name investors and the terminal station has its unique position.

in the domain name, foreigners can look different with us. They are more inclined to pure words and better word combination. On the contrary, they are not interested in our favorite digital domain names. I think it has a lot to do with language. After all, the language is different, the language habits are also different. my blog on the Internet, current events, focus on the domain name and domain related transactions, brokerage, registration, note generation.

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