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want to do vertical e-commerce website promotion, we have to make unremitting efforts. But in the face of the brutal reality of vertical sites. We only want to make their own countermeasures, through, to get the development. Vertical e-commerce website promotion has its own advantages in the development of the times, but there are also disadvantages. Want to have a bright future, we must continue to correct. How can we achieve the vertical class site self-help?

a kind of expansion

One of the biggest differences between the

vertical class site and the integrated class site is the uniformity of the vertical class site. We say that although the vertical site with the professional and unique, but in the professional basis can expand the types of products. If it is on the shoes shop, we can not only expand the variety of shoes, shoes can also be related to the operation of the product, so with sales, so that it can achieve good results.

2, platform selection

want to save the category vertical decline, platform selection is also very important. Want to get good benefits, good platform not only have a certain degree of visibility and strength, the best low cost. In this way, you can have the opportunity to have a respite. So you want to do a good vertical site, we must choose a good platform. Let online and offline communication integration, or rely on the larger and more powerful platform is a good choice.

3, personalized

vertical sites do professional services, but specialization does not represent a personalized. So want to make their future better, it is best to provide personalized service on the basis of specialization, so that users have a fresh feeling, enhance the user experience. Have their own service features in order to allow more users to recognize you, and trust you, choose you.

e-commerce in the future is not a darkness, want to do e-commerce website promotion, want to make breakthroughs in the development of vertical site own limit, to win for themselves a space for one person from the fierce competition, we need to do is to constantly improve themselves, only from the internal improvement, to make the site more adapt to the times need to win user acceptance.

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